Health Social Sciences International Program

M.A. in Health Social Science (International Program)


Core courses: 12 credits

Elective courses: 12 credits

Thesis: 12 credits

Total: 36 credits

Core courses: 12 credits 

SHSH548 Health Social Science Theories

SHSH549 Application of Health Social Science Knowledge

SHSH553 Social Science Research in Health

SHSH695 Seminar in Health Social Sciences

Elective courses:  12 credits

SHSH554  Social Science of Reproductive Health and Population Policy

SHSH555 Globalization and Health

SHSH556  Qualitative and Quantitative Data Analysis

SHSH557  Gender, Sexuality, and Health

SHSH558  Principles of Social Determinant of Health, Health Rights and Equity

SHSH559 Migration and International Health

SHSH 594 Health Sociology 

SHSH595 Medical Anthropology

SHSH596  Health Psychology

SHSH598  Health Economics

SHSH603 Globalization and Emerging and Re-emerging Diseases 

SHSH604 Evaluation Research in Health   

SHSH605 Health Policy and Health System Research

SHSH613 Social Inequity and Women's Health    

SHSH693 Social Sciences of Tropical Diseases

SHSH694 Social Psychology and Positive Psychology Seminar in Health and Related Current Issues 

Thesis: 12 credits

SHSH   698   Thesis