Health Social Sciences International Program

Ph.D. in Health Social Science (International Program)


Core course:  12 credits

Elective courses:    6 credits

Thesis:  36 credits

Total:  54 credits


Core courses: 12 credits

SHSH675 Philosophical Principles and Social Theory 

SHSH676 Advanced Health Social Science Theories 

SHSH677 Advanced Health Social Science Research

SHSH678 Seminar Issues in Health Social Science


Elective courses: 6 credits

SHSH554 Social Science of Reproductive Health and Population Policy       

SHSH555 Globalization and Health

SHSH557 Gender, Sexuality and Health

SHSH558 Principles of Social Determinants of Health, Heath Rights and Equity

SHSH559 Migration of Population and International Health 

SHSH603 Globalization and Emerging and Re-emerging Diseases 

SHSH604 Evaluation Research in Health     

SHSH606 From Research to Action in Health Development   

SHSH608 Health Policy and Health System Research

SHSH609 Participatory Action Research in Health 

SHSH617 Disasters, Climate Change and Health Implications 

SHSH618 Health Issues in Cross-Border Trade and Human Trafficking

SHSH619 Minorities, Marginalized Population, Health Inequity and Social Determinants of Health        

SHSH623 Women, Health and Culture

SHSH624 Thinking Approaches and skills 


Thesis    36  credits 

SHSH    699     Dissertation