Health Social Sciences International Program

Student Life

 Ford Foundation Conference Room

The Ford Foundation conference room is used as the class room for HSSIP students. This room is located on 3rd floor. Students have responsibility to open and close the classroom. The key is usually kept in the green box placed in the HSSIP office.  Please take and return the key every day.  Please do not bring it back home!

In order to make the classroom clean and tidy, the following rules are set up: 
1. Do not leave any garbage under the table. 
2. Drop garbage only in the provided bin. 
3. Open air conditioning only from 8.30 - 11.30 and 13.00 - 16.00.
4. Do not forget to turn off lights, LCD and air conditioning before leave.
5. Do not use the classroom after 17.00.
Note:  Please avoid using the classroom for self study!

 HSSIP Student's Common Room 

Students' common room is located on 2nd floor,
opposite of academic staff's offices.  
Students are allowed to use the room from Monday
to Sunday during 7.00 - 21.00.  
The key is always kept on the top of noticed board.


 Library of Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities

 The library's rules and information for using computer services:

1.This service is for staff and students of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities.
2.Users have to sign in and deposit their ID cards before using a computer.
3.Users can print online search results to the library's network printer from their used computers. Students have to write their names and number of  pages on the form provided beside the printer.
4.If users have any problems with a computer, please ask for assistance from the librarian.
5.Users can use internet with wireless support in their notebook computer.


The library's rules for using material services:

1.To be a book member, students have to fill in the form and show student  ID card.

2.To search the library's materials from our library web page, use icon  "Search Books".

3.Borrowing privileges:

4.Overdue Fines ::General books: 5 Baht/ an issue/ a day ::Reserved books: 50 Baht/ an issue/ a day

 Printing Service
Students can use the printing service at:
1.The office of President, ground floor, the printing fee is 1 baht/ page. Color printing 5-10 Baht.
2.Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources, ground floor.

 Copy Shop
Students can use the copy and book binding service at:

1. Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities: near downstairs cafeteria. (0.50  baht/page)
2. Faculty of Environment and Resource Studies: ground floor (0.50 baht/page)
3. Faculty of Sciences: ground floor (0.50 baht/page) 

 There are many scatters of printing services in front of the campus. (0.50-1.00 baht/page)

Students should open a bank account immediately after arriving. Acquiring an ATM card enables you to make deposits and withdrawals any time. The Siam Commercial Bank and ATM Machine are located next to the Institute of Language and Culture for Rural Development. An ATM machine by Bangkok Bank and Government Savings Bank are located in the ground floor of the office of President.

To open a bank account:
1) Make one copy of passport identification 
2) Deposit 500 baht for opening account. (Add 300 baht if you prefer an ATM  card)
3) Bring all documents to Siam Commercial Bank, including your student ID  number, and fill in the form
4) Take a receipt from the bank. This open account statement will be  informed by the bank

There are many nice, affordable eateries both on-and off-campus.  The main cafeteria, Mahidol Learning Center (MLC), has a large selection of Thai food, Muslim food, noodle dishes and fresh fruits costing 30-40 baht and inexpensive drinks.  Not far away snack food and bakery cafe are available at many convenience stores such as Seven Eleven, Puff and Pie, Black Canyon, Gateau House, and the big supermarket "Tung Hua Seng", "Salaya Store", "Family Mart", "7-11". Many university buildings also have smaller, inexpensive cafeterias, and small snack shops and food stalls are dotted around campus as well.  

Another cafeterias : Our faculty (Building 4), College of Music Cafeteria etc.

At Mahidol University International College, a more upscale restaurant on the second floor, the Herb Garden, offers lunch buffets, price starting from 89 baht per person.  A pleasant student-operated cooperative coffee shop, Cup-pa is adjacent to the MUIC building; while the Princess Cafe behind the Food Science Lab, Faculty of Science, with indoor and outdoor cafe seating and serves fresh coffee and Western-style dishes and snacks.  Another relaxing spot to eat is near Thai House, where a Thai restaurant has open-air seating overlooking a small lake. Many restaurants and food stalls also are found in the Phuttamonthon 4 Road area opposite the university gates. 

The MU Campus Government Post office 

The Post Offices in the Salaya campus is located under the faculty of Engineering' building, operates Mondays through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. 

Courier Services 

The program usually uses the courier services from EMS. Anyone wishing to mail by courier service should contact the program and bring the intended shipment during office hours. 

Outgoing letters, packets and parcels, postal money orders, telegraphic transfers, and registered mail can be sent only through the Government Post Office. 

Incoming mail which indicates the program address will be delivered to your pigeon hole. 

 Mahidol Bookstore
The Harmony Book Store is located at Mahidol Learning Center (MLC). Its hours of operation are from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Mondays through Fridays, The Harmony Book Store is closed on weekend.

In the Harmony Book Store you can find many things like stationery, general supplies, MU souvenir, books, magazines and newspaper. 

 University Clinic
The Salaya campus university Clinic is located at Mahidol Learning Center (MLC), 1st floor, opposite the main canteen. It is opened from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. but the doctor is usually on duty at 12.00 p.m. and 5.00-7.00 p.m., or by appointment. Contact: 02 441 9733.

There are English speaking personnel in this clinic. Bring your passport and student ID card when using the services. Your health record is also kept in this clinic. Additional medical services are also available at Golden Jubilee Medical Center on Salaya Campus

 Health Insurance
Group Health Insurance will be provided upon student's arrival.  The Graduate Studies Faculty uses the health insurance service from the American International Assurance Company Limited.  Students have to fill in an employee enrollment form which will be distributed together with student data record forms on an orientation day.  The insurance benefits and list of hospitals can be collected at the HSSIP office.  If students go to hospitals above in the list, they need to advance their money, then the reimbursement can be made upon the receipt.

Suggested hospitals:

- Golden Jubilee Medical Center (the new medical institute of Mahidol university, it is located just next to Phutthamonthon park)

- Siriraj hospital

 University Shuttle Bus and Tram services 

Shuttle Bus 
A Shuttle bus service between the 3 campuses: Salaya Campus, Phayathai Campus (Phra Pinklao Bridge), Bangkok Noi Campus (Siriraj Hospital) is available for Mahidol University students. Students can use this shuttle free of charge. The timetable from Salaya Campus is shown below. The timetable from Phayathai and Bangkok Noi Campus is available at website: 


Shuttle Bus Services Time Table (Weekday) 
- Tramcar
The Tramcar service between faculties/ institutes in Salaya Campus is available near student's dormitory 11 in 3 routes. The service time is between 06.30 and 20.00.  

 Public Transportation
This section describes public transportation options to and from Salaya Campus. General information about using transportation in Bangkok and life in Thailand can be found in this below link:

Buses are a convenient way to travel between Bangkok and Salaya Campus.  The air-conditioned buses No. 515 and No. 547 run on different routes from Phuttamonthon 4 Road to Victory Monument in central Bangkok. Regular bus No. 124 runs from Phuttamonthon 4 Road to Pinklao west of the Chao Phraya River (and continues into central Bangkok), connecting to the Express River Ferry at Pinklao Bridge Other Regular buses No. 125 and No. 84 also runs on different routes from Phuttamonthon 4 Road to Samsen Train Station and Klongsarn Pier. Commuting between Bangkok and Salaya Campus by train (a 1-hour trip) is also possible, though less convenient. 

Private vans ('rot dtoo') run between Salaya Campus and Pata Department Store in Pinklao.  On campus they wait opposite of student dormitory 10, as well as at the bus stop by the pedestrian overpass opposite campus on Phuttamonthon 4 Road.  In Pinklao they wait in front of Central Department Store.

Taxis at Salaya are usually available at the small taxi stand on Phuttamonthon 4 Road in front of the campus.  From Salaya expect to pay about 125 baht to Central Pinklao, 190 baht to Siam Square, 250 baht to Don Muang Airport and 800 baht to Suvarnabhumi Airport.  Motorcycle taxis also wait here for short excursions.    

For further information, please visit: